We Are Experienced

For almost 100 years, our family has served the world’s immigrant communities. We are the children and grandchildren of immigrants. And now we prepare to pass that experience, diversity and commitment to another generation.

We Are Diverse

Our immigration firm is diverse, both in our areas of immigration practice and in our multilingual team. From business and family immigrataion to asylum and federal litigation, we do it all. We also say it all, in English, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, Punjabi, Russian, Polish.

We Are Committed

oday’s special challenges require an immigration firm that does not back down. When our clients receive improper denials in the immigration courts or from the immigration bureaucracy we fight back.

Who Are We?

My grandfather, Joseph Zwaik, was 16 years old when he walked off the steamship plank onto Ellis Island.

It was 1911 and he was traveling alone, carrying everything he owned in a small suitcase. He came to a country that needed his labor and he faced an immigration bureaucracy that was more concerned with trachoma than with terrorists. Physicians checked for trachoma, a contagious eye infection, by turning the eyelid inside out with a buttonhook to look for inflammations on the inner eyelid. The process was quick and painful. Today, the process of immigrating to the United States is often slow and painful. An American citizen seeking to reunite with brothers or sisters must.

How We Work?

Individuals seeking to immigrate to the USA today need the help of an experienced immigration professional. We are active in all phases of immigration law including investment and business related petitions, family based petitions, political asylum, removal proceedings, and CSS/LULAC applications. We obtain work related status for professionals (H-1B), non-professionals (H-2B) and investors (E-2). We also obtain green cards for investors, professionals (including doctors, athletes, researchers, educators, and business professionals) and skilled workers (including specialty cooks, machine operators, and others.) Our clients come from all over the U.S. and abroad, including individuals and corporate clients in Europe, South America and Asia. They come to the USA today with many dreams and they come with the same dream as my grandfather’s almost a century ago – to find a better life.

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